maasai mara safari booking

How to book a Masai Mara Safari

The easiest way to book an adventure Safari holiday to Masai Mara, simply contact a worthy Masai Mara Safari operator, Take this step at least two months from your dates of travel. This is to enable your Masai Mara tour operator to make all your preferred hotel, Park and Masai Mara Safari bookings on time. Late Masai Mara Safari bookings often result into cancellations with lodges in the park especially in the high peak Safari seasons due to fully booked accommodations and safari activities

How do you tell a worthy Masai Mara tour operator

Always checkout the past reviews of a company before any immediate step towards getting in touch with the company. A worthy Masai Mara safari operator has good reviews based on most of the Safari tours the company has operated over time. At Masai Mara holidays we are reputable for having a timely assistance as based on our reviews from our past Travelers. Once you are in contact with professional Masai Mara tour operator, it’s now upto you to choose from the list of tailor made Maasai Mara Safari holiday packages they offer, feel free to ask your operator for a free quote.

Do you prefer designing your own travel agenda? 

Masai Mara holidays lets you plan your entire holiday with proper timely assistance from a travel expert from our team. One thing we highly don’t recommend is planning a safari by your self, this often results into a terrible experience on a safari. We have witnessed travelers that have missed out on their booked activities due to earlier challenges either in Nairobi or poor booking and transportation problems. It is advisable you get in touch with a Masai Mara safari operator who will be fully responsible for your safari  to ensure you have a memorable time spent at nearly the same cost.

Discounted prices for a Masai Mara safari booking

Are you looking for discounted prices for a Masai Mara Safari? Take advantage of the low season in the Maasai Mara, this is a time in the Mara where travelers are less, it’s rainy and the Great Migration is out of sight. Nevertheless this is a perfect time to go on game viewing for the big cats, they are plenty in numbers around this season of the year. The low season in Masai Mara starts from April to early June, the months come with discounted prices especially on accommodations within the Park unlike the high prices associated with the high peak seasons in the Mara. Nevertheless at Masai Mara holidays, we often have discounted prices for most of our safari holidays to Masai Mara. Simply contact an expert from our team to get in touch and plan out a perfect safari for you

Confirming your Masai Mara Safari booking

Upon concluding choosing you perfect Safari holiday package, it’s time to confirm your Masai Mara Safari booking. How do you confirm your safari booking? A Masai Mara safari booking is considered a confirmation once pay you a portion of your quote as requested by your tour operator. This portion can range from 30% to 60%  of your quote depending on the company’s policy. This also depends on how much a safari operator would need to make all the necessary bookings in advance. Many travelers are scared of how much money tour operators ask for to confirm a booking but it is always advisable to adhere if you are certain the tour operator is worthy like I mentioned earlier. Money transfer can be in various ways but for most professional safari operators, they should at least be able to accept Visa Card Payments and Direct Bank wire. 

Once you have confirmed your Masai Mara Safari booking, your tour operator will send you a receipt as proof of payment. Considering the company’s policy, expect to make second payment as your travel dates get closer. This will be a full amount payment of your quote as stated by your safari operator. This as well comes with a receipt of proof of payment

Requirements for your Masai Mara Safari

Apply for a tourist visit visa

As your travel dates draw closer, you are required to apply for a tourist visit visa to Kenya, this can be done on this portal or you can apply for it upon arrival. You are required to have a valid passport with at least two blank pages and at least 6 month validity. Should your safari go beyond Kenya that is to include: Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda. It is best you apply for an East African Tourist visit visa which guarantees you access to all the East African countries as listed above.

Health Requirements 

Once you have booked a Safari holiday to Masai Mara, there are health requirements you are expected to meet. As soon as your travel dates clock, you should go for vaccination against yellow fever and carry this certificate of vaccination with you upon your arrival to Jomo Kenyatta international airport in Nairobi.