Masai Mara hot air balloon Safari is a spectacular experience to the wilderness of Masai Mara National Reserve with a hot air balloon. We advise that you have at least 3 days on a safari to Masai Mara in order to enjoy this once in a life time hot air ballooning experience. The activity is one of a kind that offers travelers a game viewing experience from a aerial view point. Hot air balloons is Masai Mara are managed by a great team of experienced pilots with over 50 years of successful Air ballooning. They are licensed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and up hold Air Operators Certificates. Hot air balloons in Masai Mara vary is sizes basing on the capacity each hot air balloon can take up, these various sizes include: 16 passenger, 12 passenger, 8 passenger, 6 passenger and 4 passenger balloons all available for booking. However due to the busy activities of the park especially in peak seasons, it is advisable to book your hot air balloon Safari experience in advance. This can be made possible by contacting our team at Masai Mara Holidays who will ensure your flight session in the park is readily reserved.

Why you should book a Masai Mara Hot Air Ballooning Safari

The hot air ballooning Experience in Masai Mara has been rated by most travelers as one of the most wonderful experience to the wild. The balloons in Masai Mara are up to date with improved modifications to ensure safety and maintain the overtime flight success record hot air ballooning in Masai Mara has set. The heat used inside the envelope is not like the others in that it is supplied from “shadow and stealth” burners. These improved burners have been developed to make less noise which greatly improves on the impact the former burners had on the environment.

The baskets that Accommodate travelers while of this amazing flight are designed to fit your comfort. They accommodate all group sizes ranging from 4 to 16 people on a single flight. The interior of each basket is divided into various compartments, each compartment is designed with comfortable well cushioned seats to accommodate one person or two people. Best all, Balloons offer you a chance to fly over the beautiful parts of Masai Mara the are limited to safari vehicles.

The Hot Air balloon Safari Experience

The Maasai Mara is one of the world’s most evocative wildernesses, floating above the river and a plane of sunrise is an experience that feeds the soul. Hanging silent at the mercy of the wind, the extent of this natural wonder sprawls boundless in all directions from the ceaseless twists of the Mara River to the verdant forests on its banks. Then further to the red oak grass Plains that support the abundant herds from the air. The drama the Mara plays out on an epic scale at the bird’s-eye view shows the enduring will of prey, the never ending tenacity of predators, life and death captured from above

While on this ballooning adventure with Masai Mara Holidays, you will be transferred to the launch site by our professional guide at 6:00H. Upon your arrival to the site, there is an optional cup of coffee to warm you up before you embark on the flight over Masai Mara. Enjoy the earlier minutes watching the hot air balloons being prepared shortly after which you will be briefed about the experience your about to encounter. After the briefing, you will be assisted by the ballooning crew to get on the basket to kick start the flight at 6:30H. As the flight takes off, the scenic views of Masai Mara in the back ground of the morning sun rise will open up to you, enjoy aerial views of the gentle plains, various wildlife species, flowing Mara river all in guidance of a professional pilot well versed with wildlife and Masai Mara as a Park. Should your safari to Masai Mara be in the months July- September, there is a high chance you will witness the great migration of wildebeests on your flight. The flight is approximately an hour landing at 7:30H, you will witness the deflation session shortly after which you will be transferred for a short game drive with a standard bush breakfast setup the Savannah plains of Masai Mara. Enjoy full breakfast under a balanite tree in the open Masai Mara wilderness, the breakfast encompasses fresh juices, wine, eggs, sausages, cereals among others. You will then transfer back to your Accommodation with an en route game drive after the breakfast.


The hot air ballooning Experience in Masai Mara is open to both Adults and children, however children are limited to age 4 years and above with guidance from a parent or guardian. In the case of an adult weighing more than 120kg, he or she is required to book an extra place on the balloon which is ideally twice the cost. This is a precaution measure taken to ensure limited cases of over weigh on the hot air balloon. Adults are expected to be in good health and physically fit before embarking on the adventure.

Masai Mara Hot Air ballooning cost

Hot air balloon in Masai Mara cost upto $ 410 for an adult and for children under the age 12 years, it is $300 per person. This price is inclusive of a flight, bush breakfast, pick up from accommodation near the Park and transfers back to the accommodation in a 4×4 safari vehicle. The price is exclusive of accommodation and Transportation to Masai Mara.

To get a better deal for a quote for this adventure to Masai Mara that includes a hot air ballooning Experience, contact our experts at Masai Mara Holidays in advance.