masai mara safari

The cost of a Safari holiday to Masai Mara varies with; the number of people traveling, the time of travel (season), the type of package desired and the number of days to be spent on a Safari to Masai Mara

The Number of People:

The number of people in a group traveling to Masai Mara for a Safari determines the cost of the package in a way that the more the people in a group the lesser the cost per person likewise the smaller the group the more the cost per person charged. This theory of pricing is based on costs shared per person such as transport, room sharing, and so on, with many people having to share a given cost, this lowers the price for a big group.

Type of Package for a Masai Mara Safari Holiday

There are three types of Packages you can opt for while planning a Safari tour to Masai Mara, these are broken into luxury, mid-range, and budget-type Safari packages.

Luxury Safari Package

With a luxury type of package, you enjoy a Safari holiday to Masai Mara with accommodation in top luxury Safari lodges within the Park ranging from $300-$500 per person for a night on full board. The luxury package also comes with guaranteed full-time transportation in a 4×4 Safari Jeep/ land Cruiser throughout your Safari

Mid range Safari Package

A Mid-range Safari package to Masai Mara offers you an experience of the wilderness of Masai Mara National reserve with accommodation in moderate lodges within the Park Ranging from $180-$250 Per Person for a night on full board. With the mid-range package, you also get transportation throughout the Safari in a 4×4 Safari Van

Budget Safari Package

A budget safari package to Masai Mara comes with night accommodation on a Safari in budget accommodations lodges within the Masai Mara ranging from $150 or less on full board person for a night. This package also comes with full-time transportation throughout the Safari in a 4×4 Safari van.

Number of days Spent on a Masai Mara Safari

This is quite evident the number of days you choose to spend on your Safari to Masai Mara will affect the cost of your Masai Mara holiday.

Time of Travel

There are two seasons to travel on a Masai Mara Safari holiday, these are; the low and high seasons. The high season in Masai Mara is also known as the peak season which is characterized by many visitors, dry months with scattered or no rainfall at all. The high season in Masai Mara starts in July up to September but also December to February is part of the high season although these are not excellent months considering the annual Wildebeest Migration is out of sight. During the high season, booking prices are high due to the high demand many visitors plan their travel in this exact time. On the other hand, the low season on a Masai Mara Safari is characterized by poor months with rainfall and few visitors. During these months booking prices are low and is a good time to get yourself a good deal for a holiday to Masai Mara.

Where to stay on a Masai Mara Safari Holiday

There are two options where you can stay; at a lodge or at a campsite, if you are a photography enthusiast I would suggest that you stay somewhere near the river within the Mara. There are a lot of campsites and lodges on the riverside and though their packages are slightly on the higher price but never the less there are a lot of advantages as well: Early morning as soon as your up and ready to explore Masai Mara, immediately you head out of the camp, you are already on safari, there’s no need to enter any Park gate or anything like that so catching the early morning light and evening light falls into place if you’re staying somewhere in a campsite unlike staying outside the park where you have to travel for over an hour to get to the entry point and main photography areas yet morning and evening are crucial times since half of the action happens in the morning.
If you are looking for comfort, a lodge should be your best but not in a way like campsites are not comfortable, with a campsite you may not have the luxury of a swimming pool like in a Safari lodge where you get some basic comfort and nice air-conditioned room.

The type of Safari vehicle

What kind of a vehicle should you opt for while on a Masai Mara Holiday? Essentially there are two types of vehicles that apply in a lot of places in Kenya; one is the Land Cruiser or the old Land Rovers and the other one is the Safari Vans. The key point to note here Is that there is a difference in pricing as far as the Land Cruiser, it is a bit more expensive majorly because it’s a 4×4 all-terrain bike and at times in places like Masai Mara when it rains the tracks become so muddy and you may have to cross some overflowing rivers so a 4×4 is highly recommended. On the other hand, a Safari van is a cheaper way to do but at Masai Mara Holidays we highly emphasize that travelers should stick to a land cruiser for a guaranteed smooth Safari.