hells gate national park

Covering an area of about 68 square kilometers, Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the few game parks in Kenya where you can walk, run or cycle alongside zebra gazelles and other wildlife. Besides that, Hell’s Gate National Park Kenya features the Fischer’s tower a prominent volcanic plug standing 25 meters high over the surrounding flat valley floor for seasoned rock climbing enthusiasts and beginners. Hikers on arranged Hells Gate National Park tours will often be spotted scaling their way up this imposing tower. The breathtaking scenery of this park has over the years inspired the filming of various Hollywood movies including King Solomon’s Mines and Tomb Rider.

Hells Gate Day Trip

A day trip to Hells Gate National Park is one of Kenya’s best adventure safaris, the most rewarding trip plan entails following the 12-km (8-mile) road through the flat valley floor between Elsa’s Gate and Maiben, returning the same way. It is a 3-hour walk or 1-hour cycling trip in either direction.  A dawn start is recommended for the best game viewing and to avoid over-exposure to the midday sun and also increase your chances for better spots.

It is essential to take along a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water. From Maiben, a 2km walking trail leads into the lower gorge, which is riddled with steam vents. Cultural tours which are an exciting add-on to Hells Gate National Park Tours are available at Oloorkarian Maasai Centre. Visitors with a vehicle could continue west from Maiben to the little-visited Ol Koria Geothermal Power Station, and explore the eastern Twiga Loop.

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Things to do in Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate is one of the few places in Kenya where it is permitted to cycle or walk unguided through herds of big game – Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe, impala and eland are all likely to be spotted. Rock Climbing is also a popular sport in Hells Gate National Park as it encompasses sheer rock walls made for climbing, and here you can meet some available resident safety climbers in the park.  Among other activities in the park include; game viewing, Sight Seeing, Hikes and Walking Safaris 

Hells Gate Gorge

The jewel of Hell’s Gate however is Ol Karia gorge, a 24-kilometer deep ravine lined with a short cliff, it is endowed with hot water springs feeding a stream that meanders down the floor of the gorge as it cuts its way through the rugged and semi-arid surrounding landscape the gorge widens out as it weaves its way down and out of the National Park it is arguably one of the most beautiful places consider while planning a Hells Gate National Park Day trip

Central Tower 

Towering conspicuously above the picnic site at Maiben, the imposing volcanic plug referred to as Central Tower has the more memorable and enigmatic Maasai name of Ol Basta (The Horse).

As with other cliffs in the park, it forms a breeding site for several species of raptors.

Obsidian Cave 

Set in a narrow valley at the end of Twiga Loop, Obsidian Cave is named after a type of black igneous rock commonly found in the Rift Valley. This glassy rock, used by early men to create cutting tools, is associated with lava flows that cooled too quickly for crystallization.

 How to get to Hells Gate National Park

From Nairobi, Hells Gate National Park can easily be accessed directly from the Naivasha road where you turn off at Elsa Gate. Here you can hire a bike to ride to the gate and into the park.