maasai people

Masaai tribe consists an indigenous group of people living mainly in Kenya and northern Tanzania, they are called semi-nomadic because they move around from time to time. The Maasai are internationally well-known for their unique cultures and tribal dress code. If you’re looking for the best valued packages we have a discount at Masai Mara Holidays, you might want to check out our professionally tailor made Safaris to Masai Mara and request a free quote which will be attended to by our experts with immediate effect

Interesting fun facts about Maasai

In the olden days for a male to be considered a man he would have to kill a lion alone all by himself with a spear, it was a sign of bravery and personal achievement. The boy would then be considered a warrior, the lion skin is then made into a hat which he will have to wear as a sign to show his manhood. Unfortunately this practice is no longer legal anymore due to wildlife preservation.


The Adamu is a ritual whereby the male Maasai will compete against each other to win the heart of potential brides, the one who jumps the highest is perceived as the most masculine and the lesser dowry they have to pick when they’ll be getting married. Talking of dowry, this is our next fact about the Maasai people.


How do they measure this? Well this typically revolves around the number of livestock which is cows, sheep and goats that the man has. The more livestock you have, the wealthier you are perceived


Maasai men can have several wives, this is another fact, they are polygamous. You may probably be wondering why Maasai men have to take up more than one wife, this is because in their culture the size of a man’s family in the number of children had status and importance to him. The more children they have, the more respectable they are.

Unique way of lighting a fire

This is done through a drill instinct, you might have seen it in the movies but that’s how they do it every day.

Home stead

For food and protecting their communities from outside, the Maasai people normally fence their religions to prevent wild animals from coming in. Duties of the wives is mainly to cook take care of the children and husband  The Men have the task to build the houses, surprisingly the Masai hats are made up of cow dung mixed with mud along with its sticks and balls to support the structure, the flow is just the ground. While on safari to Maasai Village, you will have a chance to experience how it is inside the Masai huts feels like, just judging by the way the house itself is very small, the kitchen is usually in the middle of two sleeping spots.

Maasai Food

The Maasai people eat only two times a day; once in the morning and once at night, that should probably be the reason why they are so slim. The food intake is typically raw meat fat and honey, another intriguing fact is that you may have heard about how they drink fresh cows blood. Most times they won’t kill the cow but they will skilfully insert a tube in the veins of the cow to suck the blood. The cow can continue living to provide milk fat

Skillful bead work

The skillful beadwork tells the end of your visit where you are transferred to the Maasai market, here you will be exposed to Maasai handicrafts. It is hard for you to miss that colorful and very elaborate hand works done by the Maasai women, it’s part of their duty to learn bead work and these are worn both by women and men for various occasions. The bead work tradition dates back hundreds of years

 Maasai Wear

This is sometimes known as the African blanket, red is the most common color and it’s known for protecting the Maasai from the harsh weather conditions as its strong thick and durable. It also because they are semi-nomadic and they move around a lot.

Maasai festive Song and Dance

On a visit to the Maasai Village, you will be welcomed with a song to express happiness the Maasai people have for visitors, this song is accompanied with a Welcome dance which in otherwise a way for them to say that’s your home. Unfortunately the village has no musical instruments you will only hear gross chance and see movements in different directions. The happy village always invites you to join in the happy dance this was pretty fun and an alternative if you missed your cardio

The Maasai Morning Glory

This is type leaf that has two uses; one is to cool off their bodies when the Sun is too bright and another use is when they go shooting in the morning that would be their tissue paper, so on a Masai Mara Safari, take a few leaves with you if you need some toilet papers to experience the power of the Morning Glory and at the

The Yellow Cotton Plant

The yellow cotton plant serves as a mosquito repellent, you can apply it by rubbing it on your skin so don’t worry if you forgot your mosquito repellent on your Masai Mara Safari trip, you’ll be having some natural ones to make use of when you meet the Maasai people. The plants comes with a nice smell too.

The Maasai Land

This is our final fun fact, the Maasai people have an estimated population of around 900,000 people and they live around the game reserves.  They are also rich in terms of land, the Masai Mara Game Reserve belongs to them and they owned a lot of the land around that area as well.