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Kenya Safari Masai Mara takes you to a land of wilderness that brings your dream to Africa into a reality. A huge expanse of gently rolling grassland studded with a few acacia trees, watered by the Mara River, backed by magnificent escarpments and protected by the mighty Maasai Warriors. The Masai Mara is a northern extension of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Choose to stay at least 2 nights on one of our best Masai Mara tours and you will be amazed by the sandy lions of the Mara found everywhere in huge prides, cheetahs are also a must-see and it is uncommon to catch them hunting, leopards spotted hyenas, black eyed jackals, bat-eared foxes, and caracals. Of the big cats, the Mara offers, leopards are less visible but equally existent.


With the huge number of predators are the thousands of herbivores that the Mara supports; wildebeest, zebras, Impalas, elands, reedbucks, waterbuck, black rhinos, elephants and Masai giraffes, and several species of gazelle call the Mara home. Kenya Masai Mara Packages with a longer stay unfold better chances for an unmatched safari adventure featuring various wildlife activities such as; day game drives, cultural Maasai visits, bush walks, hot air balloon safaris , night game drives, and horse safaris operated in the private conservancies of the Mara. Based on many visitors reviews to the Masai Mara; it is a positive statement to say that the image of your Kenya Masai Mara tour always lives up to your imagination.

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Breath-taking at any time of the year, The Masai Mara reaches its peak in July and August during the annual migration of millions of wildebeests and other grazers from adjacent Serengeti National Park as the herds make their journey into the Mara on a trek known as the Great Migration . This is arguably the most spectacular wildlife show on the planet and booking one of the various Masai Mara holiday packages at this time of the year is something you do not want to miss.


At Masai Mara Holidays (Ltd) , we a registered local Safari Company in East Africa with established ground offices in  Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Over the years we have taken pride in emphasizing our safari expertise to Masai Mara National Reserve  with over 200 carefully crafted Masai Mara Safari Packages exploring the Park and other destinations.

Kenya Holiday Packages

Kenya safari tour visitors are either going on safari or taking a beach break, or looking to combine the two. In the event of any, Kenya's wildlife game parks and coastal beaches make the country one of the best destinations for a holiday to Africa. Most travelers arrive in Nairobi, the capital, where the majority of Kenya safari holidays commence and most National parks and reserves are within a day’s drive. Popular Kenya safari packages include a couple of nights in the Masai Mara, combined with a night or two in Lake Nakuru National Park or Samburu National Reserve, or a combination of 1 or 2 nights in both Amboseli National Park and Tsavo.

Longer Kenya holiday packages combine the Kenyan parks with those in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit. Adventure-seekers will want to explore the rare Kenya holiday packages to northern deserts or climb Mount Kenya. If you are seeking a days quick adventure outside Nairobi, Hells Gate National Park in Naivasha offers a good combination of hiking, bicycle riding safaris on top of game viewing. Should you choose to lounge on the beach in Mombasa, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the Kenya safari; a night or two can be spent at nearby parks such as Tsavo which offer you a memorable Kenya safari plus beach holiday. To plan your Kenya safari tour to more than one park or game reserve in Kenya, you’ll need at least a week, with a couple of nights at each to make the most out of early-morning and late-afternoon game drives, when animals are most active.

We do not recommend leaving any Kenya safari Holiday planning until your arrival in Nairobi unless it is a late decision to visit Kenya. For all accommodation arrangements from airport tansfers, domestic flight arrangements, safari vehicle facilitation, you can rely on a reputable Kenya safari operator. Trust a reputable Kenya safari operator to have intimate knowledge of every corner of the country you would like to visit and also to provide your a suitable Kenya Vacation all inclusive of the costs. There are quite a number of Kenya Tour operators and it's worth obtaining a quote from a few of the before deciding.

Kenya Safari Tour Attractions

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and also the base of all Kenya safari packages, has grown into the largest city between South Africa's Johannesburg and Egypt's Cairo, and is today a thriving city with a clamoring street life. Although not considered the prime Kenya tourist destination, Nairobi does make a good destination for a city tour before venturing into Kenya Safari holidays to the Parks. The city has a number of good attractions, including the Nairobi National Park and other wildlife centers and museums.

The Great Rift Valley of East Africa is a vast geological feature created by tectonic forces in Earth’s crust, which runs approximately 6,000km (3,720 miles) from Syria, under the Red Sea, through East Africa to Mozambique. In Kenya, the valley is at its deepest just north of Nairobi, and there are viewpoints on the Nairobi-Naivasha road well observed as a stopover point arranged as part of Kenya holiday packages to the south western parks. This region is dotted with Rift Valley lakes such as Elmenteita, Baringo, Bogoria, and Nakuru.

No Kenya tour package from Nairobi is complete without visiting one or more of the major parks and reserves, located along the southern Kenya border with Tanzania. The Masai Mara Game Reserve is an extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, and this region of well-watered grassland plains is the prime destination for a complete Kenya safari tour, it also stages the spectacular annual wildebeest migration. Kilimanjaro provides a stunning backdrop to Amboseli National Park, the park is known for its incomparable number of African elephants, while the combined Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks are the biggest protected wildlife refuge in Kenya and home to large herds of game scattered over the very expanse.

Roughly covering the region north of Nairobi to Isiolo, the central highlands are dominated by Mount Kenya, which can be climbed on an organized 5-day hike. To the north of the mountain is the Laikipia Plateau, a former region for ranching that has now been restocked with wild animals. To the west of Mount Kenya is the Aberdare National Park, which is not your typical African game park, as the terrain is moorlike, forested, and often shrouded with fog, though it has plentiful wildlife.
The vast parched and stony deserts of Northern Kenya are remote and isolated, access is difficult, and in recent years the area has suffered from drought and parts have been occupied by refugees from war-torn Somali and Sudan. Much of the area is also troubled by intertribal violence and banditry, and you should take advice from a Kenya Tour operator before traveling in the region. Samburu National Reserve is the only stop on the traditional Kenya Safari Package in this region, although Lake Turkana and Marsabit national parks are other attractions.

Kenya’s coast is a playground for mostly Kenya safari plus beach holidays on sun, sea, and sand holidays, and for good reason. The 480km (298 miles) of Indian Ocean shoreline boasts sublime white-sand beaches, shady palm trees, sunny weather, warm water for swimming, and a colorful chain of offshore fringing coral reefs. Away from the beach, the historical towns remain a testament to the Swahili culture that has been on the coast for thousands of years.

Western Kenya comprises of some of the least visited Kenya Safari destinations of the country, as there are no big game parks to attract visitors. The hilly, fertile scenery, characterized by strikingly green tea plantations, is pretty and has some impressive geographical features. Mount Elgon is the second-tallest mountain in Kenya, and Lake Victoria is the second-largest freshwater lake in the world. The Kakamega Forest is the last patch of tropical rainforest left in East Africa, while the tiny Saiwa Swamp National Park protects the rare and shy sitatunga antelope.

At Masai Mara Holidays Ltd, our Kenya holiday Packages explore the country's best attractions on unmatched safari adventures and with over 300 expertly crafted Kenya safari packages, we are proud to handle your safari dreams and turn them into a reality. There is no doubt Kenya offers unparalleled safari opportunities, If you are to visit, it is a chance not to be missed. Try to set aside as much time as possible to explore the country's varied safari zones

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