masai mara Horse riding safari

Masai Mara Horse safaris are highly recommended, but only for saddle-fit, relatively experienced riders. The journey includes customizable morning and evening rides, and one marathon day in which you travel 50km (31 miles) on approach to the Mara ecosystem. It is important to note that horse riding safaris in Masai Mara are not available in the reserve itself but can be booked within the private conservancies of the Mara Ecosystem.

Come prepared for a backside-challenging adventure but know that the discomfort is offset by the prospect of galloping among herds of zebra, eyeball-to-eyeball encounters with giraffes, and the epic vistas as you reach the top of the escarpments. Add to that a couple of optional game drives for better views of elephant, buffalo, lion, and other predators best not encountered at close quarters on horseback and you have the makings of an unforgettable wilderness experience (certainly, your butt and thighs won’t forget).

Horse safaris in Masai Mara can also be customized from 2 hours to a number of days depending on your budget and preference. A 2 Hour saddle in the Mara costs USD 200 per person. Masai Mara Horse riding safaris can be organized any time but it’s worth signing up as early as possible. Or, if you’d prefer to go your own way, you can organize a customized horse safari, and there are a handful of trips that cover other animal-rich parts of Kenya. To book, contact us at Masai Mara Holidays.