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Following the ongoing Pandemic, Kenya had closed its borders and suspended flights in and out of the country in March. The good news to all travelers is that Kenya resumed international flights to 30 destinations, initially there were 27 destinations that were announced but due to demand, these destinations were increased to 30.This move towards easing the effects of the corona virus on flight was undertaken and is to be monitored, should the demand increase with time then possibly the traffic and destinations could be increased as well.  According to our first Masai Mara Holidays group of clients that landed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, they walked into a totally new airport environment due the new measures that have been put in place; less traffic, wearing masks full time, observing social distance and carrying proof of being tested for Covid 19 before travel.

Planning a Covid 19 Kenya Masai Mara Safari

The process is easier than most travelers imagine, Kenya has always been a welcoming country for tourists all over the globe. With its borders eventually open, Kenya is welcoming tourists with soft Covid 19 guidelines to follow. It is also a good coincidence that at the time Airports have been opened is the best time of the year to  visit Kenya on a Safari. It is during the months of July-September that Safari to Kenya’s National Parks is highly booming. These High peak months are characterized with dry months with little or no rainfall. It is during these same months that the great wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara National Reserve is in sight.To book a Safari to Kenya, simply look for a credible Safari operator who will ease the whole planning process to your arrival. Alternatively at Masai Mara Holidays we offering  top notch Safari solutions if your seeking an exclusive Memorable African safari experience at the best price. At. Masai Mara Holidays, we emphasize our Safari book on Masai Mara National Reserve, Africa’s wildlife safe Haven but never the less our services cut across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

What you need for a Covid 19 Safari to Kenya

On top of the usual basics that include; Tourist Visa application, Yellow fever Certificate, detailed itinerary of your Safari and booking your respective flights, you are required to present a certificate for your last Covid 19 checkup upon arrival. This Certificate is only valid for 96 hour prior to the time you had it taken. Should your certificate be negative and valid, your good enough to be cleared at the airport and your Safari will start right away.

3 Days Masai Mara Covid 19 Safari Experience

Upon arrival to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, for the first time we welcomed our clients without hand shakes, We briefed them about the days travel and later started off the 4 hours journey to Masai Mara National Park. Unlike the usual crowd within the Park, the number of tourists is just moderate enough to have a spectacular game drive. Throughout the scenic drive to Masai Mara National drive, we emphasize Covid 19 Safety guidelines should be followed; wearing full time face masks being the Essential rule, we also make sure our guests sanitize regularly.

Upon arrival to Masai Mara National Reserve, we checked in our booked accommodation shortly after being welcomed with a cold drink and sanitizing. We enjoyed lunch served at the restaurant with well distanced tables in respect of the social distancing Covid 19 guidelines. After lunch, we headed out for our first game drive in the Mara, the experience was adventurous; we came across a group of lions in our first 30 minutes of game viewing which was later followed buy seeing all the big five except the white Rhinos. Having enjoyed 3 hours in the beautiful Mara witnessing wildlife in the background of the tropical African sunset, we returned to accommodation for dinner and overnight stay. Waking up to day 2 of our Safari which was a full day Masai Mara experience combined with endless game drives and a Masai cultural tour we summed up the adventure and returned back to Nairobi

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