Kenya or South Africa Safari; Masai Mara vs Kruger National Park

Masai Mara Holidays

Kenya and South Africa are some of the prime destinations for a safari in Africa, if you are considering a Safari to Africa but stuck choosing which destination to visit, here is a detailed comparison of two Safari destinations based on several criteria that will help you make your own final decision


First and probably the most important thing when comparing Kenya or South Africa in terms of safaris is the wildlife, in both countries you are able to see the big five; lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant but never the less there is more wildlife to see in Kenya.

Level of development

South Africa is quite a bit more developed than Kenya which has its pros and cons; one of the big cons is that in South Africa you have much better roads leading up to the national parks unlike Kenya where you take on dusty Murram roads for like two hours to get to a national park. Another pro is that you have many more luxury options in South Africa if that’s what you’re looking for, there are also better facilities in the Safari lodges inside the parks; restaurants, restrooms and room service. To note more, South Africa has more things inside the parks but there is one major downside and that is Kruger National Park which is South Africa’s most famous National Park, it  feels quite a bit like a sea since it’s basically all paved roads throughout the national park and you just see animals kind of left and right

Natural beauty

Masai Mara National Park In Kenya is absolutely stunning and alongside the Lakes like Lake Nakuru or Lake Naivasha you can do amazingly beautiful game drives then of course there’s Amboseli National Park with the stunning view of Mountain Kilimanjaro. In South Africa, you may not find the parks as particularly attractive naturally as the Parks in Kenya.

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