Planning a Safari to Africa; Things You Must know

Planning a Safari to Africa

Going on a safari is a huge commitment which requires quite some good amount of money and time planning so you must be smart about the process from the start, here are five things to know before booking a safari in Africa

1. Choosing a country for your Safari

You can go on a safari in dozens of African countries but finding the right one to fit your expectations is the first thing you should consider, check to see which countries could be visa-free for you and are cheap to fly into for a start or maybe you prefer a certain kind of scenery like jungle which is best in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana. Do you prefer bush in savanna landscapes? Consider South Africa, Botswana or Kenya and for Beach safaris check out Mozambique and Tanzania.

2. Finding the right Safari company/ Tour Operator

Finding the right Safari company to guide you through the planning an actual Safari will be your step but you should keep in mind that many safari companies have become over commercialized and expensive and also wildlife in some areas tend to be more habituated, we recommend looking for the more authentic safari company to provide you with genuine information and take you to destinations where the animals are not used to seeing people for a better experience

3. Budgeting

South Africa is known to be the most budget-friendly country because of their good infrastructure and accessibility whereas Rwanda is the most expensive. But as a travel tip, you should know that going on Safari in the low season is always cheaper than the high season.  Also Luxury  safari companies will charge a lot more for five-star meals and upscale bedrooms so if you don’t mind sleeping in tents which is more authentic you’ll save a lot of money. To note more, look for tour operators who specialize in African safaris to help you find the best deals for a Safari that you desire.

4. Know When to Travel for Safari

Pick a the time of year according to your wildlife interest, if you are more interested in seeing birds then consider going during the rainy season which is November to March in southern Africa and March to June in East Africa. if you want a better chance to see the big five animals then go during dry season July to October but also remember that it gets very hot in many parts of Africa so it’s best to avoid the hottest month always check the weather.

5. Pick out Your Specific National Parks

For example Masai Mara Park in Kenya hosts a great wildebeest migration in August and September, if you want to observe the white stork birds then come Kruger in January and February. Uganda is the best country for primates and birds as 50% of all African bird species are found there. The most important thing to remember before starting your safari is keep your mind open and don’t have any expectations, just come along for the ride you can never guarantee which animals you will see but it’s all about the experience. Animals aside you can also get an inside look at the local cultures and communities to explore around each reserve

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